New Early Risers Mantra

For those of you out there who wake up before the sun, the chickens, and Mark Wahlberg himself; I have created a new mantra for you to repeat to yourself to set your day up for success.

There is an undeniable, gratifying feeling of waking up before 5am, sitting alone in a calming silence, with nothing stimulating your mind or thoughts. Soaking in the calm before the storm, your mind, body, and spirit experience moments of solitude and a deep sense of existence.

Waking up any time from 3:30am to 4:50am, in my opinion, is the time where we are able to feel closest to our creator. It is never easy getting up that early and the overwhelming urge to stay in your peaceful slumber will more times than not keep you in bed. However, when you choose to gift yourself with this time, these moments of connectedness create a solid foundation for peace and fulfillment.

There is one way to take full advantage of this beautiful time:

  1. Wake Up and GET UP

  2. Find yourself a comfortable space where you can be alone

  3. Take long calming breathes and FEEL the air flow in and out of your lungs each time

  4. Close your eyes and visualize a gold light hovering above you and surrounding your body with a sense of warmth and power

  5. Repeat this mantra

    “I believe I was created for a purpose.
    To be be unapologetically me and to live out loud.
    I believe I am here to love, be loved, and share love.
    I believe I can and will accomplish everything I put my mind to.
    I am a powerful being made for good.
    I live by Faith and act with Passion.
    I take full responsibilities for the actions I take.
    I am a lover, I am a fighter
    I am a man on a mission”

  6. Repeat with conviction 10 times

  7. Open your eyes, take a deep breath, thank God that you are alive and get to your day.

Repeating this mantra, or a mantra you create, first thing in the morning will trigger your subconscious mind to take in and believe these spoken words.

You may not believe it at first but like everything the more consistent you are with it the more power it has in your life.

Step Up. Honor Yourself. Give Love