Courage's Greatest Myth's

From a very young age, for some mysterious reason no man can explain, every boy is infected with an urge to find out if they have what it takes.

Every tree becomes an obstacle to climb, every shiny sharp object looks like something to play with, every game has to be played, and every person is a potential new best friend.

As we experiment, as we take huge risks (which we do not know they are risks at the time), and as we push ourselves to our limits; we subconsciously learn FEAR.

We develop references for everything in life. That shit’s hot, don’t touch that again. Jumped from up there, that might be just a touch too high. Talked to that cute girl in front of all of her friends, they laughed, ugh I don’t know what that means. The more “negative” experiences we go through the more Fear we develop.

However, life goes on and if we choose to not face new challenges or old fears then we become stagnate and die. So we must act with Courage and overcome.

Courage can be tricky and it is important to know what it is and what it isn’t.

Courage Myth #1: Being fearless is courageous
Myth Debunked: Fact, not a single person is fearless. No man is with out fear. In fact, in order to act Courageously you must be facing fear. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is being afraid and still acting. Having your heart beating in your throat yet choosing to take a drink of water and deliver that speech.

Courage is: Not the absence of fear, it is being afraid and still acting.

Courage Myth #2: I need a plan to inspire Courage
Myth Debunked: Plan’s hardly ever go according to plan. Plan’s can help alleviate anxious thoughts temporarily however they do not create courage. Courage is internal and inspired when you choose to live by faith and trust that you have what it takes and no matter what you can handle any outcome. God’s plan is greater than your plan.

Courage is: Knowing God’s Plan > Your Plan

Courage Myth #3: Courage means I have no doubts
Myth Debunked: You cannot control all of your thoughts therefore you will most likely have doubts, especially when facing fears. You can control which thoughts you focus on. This is easier said than done however, for every doubtful thought you have, choose to create a more powerful courageous thought. “I can’t do this” to “I can and will do this”. You may not believe it at first but focus your energy on the positive thought and it will prevail.

Courage is: Creating powerful courageous thoughts.

You will have fears and you will have doubts and YOU WILL OVERCOME.
You have what it takes, you are courageous, and you are loved more than you know.

Rise Up. Honor Yourself. Give Love