Patience Provides Power

When we set out our sails to go after our goals, excitement, fear, joy, energy, and a million other feelings rush through our bodies.

An idea you’re passionate about that you know will add tremendous value to others lives and has huge growth potential is set in motion and you are the captain.

You can’t wait to see your idea bear fruit.

As every man encounters in life when setting out for a new adventure, we have to know, do I have what it takes to complete my mission and turn my vision to reality.

This is an existential question which shapes the view of our self and helps define who we are. Needless to say this is a HUGE question and we NEED the answer.

Sometimes the answer comes quickly and abruptly. Maybe our mission is cut short or our idea dies quickly because of timing, poor preparation, lack of research, not enough planning, or simply just not meant to be.

And other times, your mission/idea needs time, a lot of time, to build and grow and develop until the time is right for fruit to bear.

In these cases, your character is put to the test. Your faith is tested, your “why” is challenged, and your persistence will go through battle.

The one character trait that will always keep a man focused, humbled, and powerful; is Patience.

Patience is the maturity to keep your focus on your vision.

Patience is growing deeper in your faith that life is happening FOR you not TO you.

Patience is knowing and accepting that great things take time and in a world of instant gratification, our greatest achievements and accomplishments will take time and persistent patience.

Patience provides power because the vast majority of men embarking on a new journey, starting a new company, or taking on a new task are looking for instant results. It is the men with Patience who will withstand the hardships, the heartache, and the countless nights of complete unknown, who will come out the other side powerful and victorious.

Stay focused, be present, lean into your faith and let the most powerful character trait a man can embody develop: Patience.

Rise Up. Honor Yourself. Give Love