Selfless Acts for Joy

In today’s world it is extremely easy to get caught up in ourselves and allow our egos to control our focus. With all of these websites designed to make our lives easier and better, they all direct us to focus on ourselves. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, you name it; all focus on you, your profile, what YOU have to put out there.

These platforms may have began for good intentions, however, have developed into mind numbing machines that pressure us to always put our best foot forward, always show our best selves and make sure everyone knows we are the best and hope everyone “likes” what we share.

With this unspoken pressure, anxiety and depression have become more normal than ever. (We can get into this phenomenon in a later blog post). What’s important to note is we have moved very far away from person to person interaction and more towards artificial interactions that leave our focus on “me”.

Today my wife was very ill, curled over on the couch unable to move and desperately needed me to step up and take care of her. As her man I was more than happy to take on this challenge and make sure I did everything in my power to help her feel comfortable.

She had me running to the grocery store for remedies, shuffling through her toiletries to find feminine products, making soup, getting the heating pad, making tea, repositioning pillows, rubbing her back and everything in between I can’t think of right now. Needless to say, I was put to work.

Running around was stressful at times however my heart was light. There was no weight on my shoulders. And the look in her eyes when she finally began to feel some relief brought me so much fulfillment and joy.

Then I began to think, none of these tasks were “fun” and I definitely wouldn’t choose to do this on my day off, yet I felt so much joy providing these acts of kindness. I quickly realized, in my life all of the most memorable moments I experienced of joy were when I was acting selflessly.

Bringing joy to another human by actions of selflessness, invigorate the spirit like no other way possible.

Ifs easy to lose focus on those around us when we live in a world so focused on ourselves, so I challenge you to consciously give one act of selflessness a day to someone you care about or even a stranger.

Joy will flow into your life in an instant. I promise you.

Rise Up. Honor Yourself. Give Love.


Vito Prestamantra, greatness