Afternoon Delight

Whoops! Sorry gents yesterday got away from me BUT no worries, shit happens we carry on.

With that being said, my failure has turned into a learning experience, how do I make sure this does not happen again. Remember, failing is only a failure if you do not learn from it. So let’s learn.

Whatever it is you’re excited about or going after, if you are living a busy life (as most of us are), PUT AWAY 20 MINUTES every day to take a step towards that goal. We will call this time our Afternoon Delight. Even if you choose to do this at 430 in the morning, let’s call it our afternoon delight because lets be honest it just has a ring to it.

Starting a side business? 20 minutes a day to make sales calls.
Learning guitar? 20 minutes a day to hit that G String
Becoming a youth speaker? 20 minutes a day working on your speech

20 minutes of Afternoon Delight every day to chip away at your goal and progress will be made. Progress is key. Don’t worry about getting it all done in one day or one week. Great things take time. The biggest regret you’ll have is not trying or not putting the time in.

Start with 20 minutes. The more you act the faster it will build. The more you build the more time you’ll be able to allocate to your goal. Progress, Growth, Results baby!

BONUS: if your Afternoon Delight is as fun as I know it will be, try adding in some actual afternoon delight with your lady and share love with the one you love.

Rise Up. Honor Yourself. Give Love