Ride or Die

In life we create many bonds and friendships with a wide variety of people. Some people come into our lives for a season, some people are there for life. Sometimes your family leaves you and sometimes a stranger stands up for you.

As children we make our first friends. Life is full of games, sports, heckling, tag, and being free without concern or real worry. Then we move into the puberty stages of life where we start to notice the opposite sex as well as act with more emotion than logic. In this stage we lose some of our childhood friends and develop new friendships.

After going through the emotional rollercoaster years we move onto college or the real world and yet again some bonds are broken and some are created.

However, through all of this there are a select few bonds that withstand all of the storms and beat the test of time. These people who have seen you at your best and your worst, the ones who have invested themselves into your life and you have invested yourself into theirs. The ones you have fought tooth and nail with and cried together with. These select few are your Ride or Die.

As men we go through life and we take huge risks, we put ourselves out there by trying new things and we put ourselves in vulnerable spots. It is in these moments where we need our ride or die boys. Going into anything new can be challenging, but know you will never go into anything alone because even if you fall flat on your face your ride or die clan will be there to pick you up, tell you to get after it again, and push you back in.

Take a look at your life right now, the people you surround yourself with and determine who your friends are and who your Ride or Die crew is. When you figure that out, lean into them, share with them, invest heavily in them, build them up and let them know YOU have their back on anything.

We are built to do this life together. Find your crew, develop it if you need to, and conquer the world together.

Rise Up. Honor Yourself. Give Love